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The absentee owner of PLG’s most notorious eyesore at 1914 Bedford Avenue finally sold the property to a Queens developer last month for just $250,000, according to records.

The bombed out husk at the corner of Fenimore Street has been a graffiti-covered, weed encircled shell for more than a decade and will either be refurbished or razed for redevelopment.

If the Yellow King from True Detective ever decided to embrace his inner hipster, this is where he would live. took a few interior shots of the building where trash, triffids, liquor bottles and cackling ghosts conspire to unnerve.

The home was one of several stately three-story structures that were built along Bedford Avenue during the early 1900s. But the edifice has been completely disemboweled and now appears as an apocalyptic loft with high ceilings.

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The purchaser, Fenimore Street LLC,  is headed by Rego Park based Albert Gavriyelov. His name pops up online in connection with a byzantine assortment of business ventures – including a defunct bakery named Aron’s. If anyone can fill in the blanks please do so. put in a call to Mr. Gavriyelov and will update this post if he opts to chat.

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  • Bob Marvin

    I think that demolition is unlikely. This house is in the PLG historic District, is subject to a single family restrictive covenant, and, since it has R2 zoning, is grandfathered in at considerably more than currently allowable FAR. still, I wouldn’t consider anything beyond the realm of possibility if a developer is shady enough.

  • Suki

    Bob – I agree that landmarks designation and appropriate zoning affords this structure the protection that others won’t have. Witness the destruction of the detached home down the block at 1934 Bedford avenue, likely an older building than 1914 bedford, and once the residence of the head of Pathology at Kings county hospital.

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