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Inhale this deliciously derelict image of Flatbush Ave. between Midwood and Beekman Place from either the late 60s or early 70s.

Oh, what I would give for just one 3:20 a.m. Lowenbrau at the Night Cap.

Here is the slightly less dissolute ramble at least 30 decades down the line…

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  • Bob Marvin

    Are you SURE that’s 1979 and not several years earlier? I bought my house in 1974, but don’t remember those stores on Flatbush. OTOH I DO remenber Kuk lin, a wonderful Chinese restaurant that ws located where Golden Krust is now. That isn’t in the photo

  • admin

    When Gen. Bob Marvin speaks, Flatbushed snaps to attention. I cannot claim to be certain as to the date but that’s what I gleaned. Now that you mention it, those regal rides do look to be of older vintage than ’79, don’t they? I’ll see if I can do a bit more sleuthing and narrow it down. Until then, the post will be edited in deference to Mr. Marvin.

  • Bob Marvin

    Thank you; such deference! I’m not sure if I like the rank ascribed to me though, given my general distain for the military :-) I’m sure I couldn’t forget the “Madame Butterfly” Japanese restaurant and I don’t recall ANY of the businesses in the photo.

    FWIW Eugene Gold first ran for D.A. in 1968, so it couldn’t be earlier than that, so some time between 1968 and mid-1974.

  • Sharon Rose-Calhoun

    I remember the Seville being where the Nightcap is pictured.

  • f

    I think that’s a third-generation (late-60s) hardtop Coupe de Ville across the street, not a Seville. 1959 or ’60 Buick parked in front of Netells. Maybe an Electra or a Le Sabre? Guessing 1968 as that car would have been REAL old by 1974.

    Reminds me of the movie Barfly. Would love to get a whisky there.

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