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Flatbush Avenue between Hawthorne and Fenimore Streets. The black and white image was taken in roughly 1910. The color image was taken in March 2015. Note the original dollar vans – horses and carriages – doddering past the site of the 626 Flatbush development.





  • Anonymous

    Other than the monolithic behemoth on the left, the change isn’t as dramatic as might be expected. Trees still look a bit peaked. Great pictures. Gotta love progress.

  • Trademark Kapital

    I love this site! Eclectic blasts from the past.

  • Tom

    Back when the original photo was taken, the area that is now occupied by 626 Flatbush was the rest of Fenimore Street. The street dead ended like Chester Ct. and had houses on it. That is why the house numbers on Fenimore Street now start with the number 63 and higher.

  • admin

    That’s a fascinating footnote Tom. Do you know if there were other dead ends that were similarly done away with? I wonder why they chose to reconfigure Fenimore while leaving Chester and the other dead ends unmolested.

    Save for the mode of transport, I was actually surprised by the lack of change brought by the passage of an entire century on the east side of the street. Even the poles are in the same position.

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