Rogers Avenue’s commercial viability will get its first true test in the coming weeks with the grand opening of a sprawling bar and restaurant from the owners of Crown Heights stalwart Gladys.

The crew behind the longstanding Franklin Ave. favorite purchased two adjacent buildings on Rogers at the corner of Lincoln Road and will combine their respective first-floor commercial spaces to create the capacious resort.

Gladys has weathered the constant roil of Franklin Ave. restaurant turnover and secured a steady and loyal following for its upscale Caribbean fare.

The ownership crew have now set their sites on PLG – and are clacking the dice on an untested stretch of Rogers Avenue.

Hoping to lure patrons away from the natural gravitational pull of Flatbush and Prospect Park, the new enterprise could let loose a flood of fresh retail ventures along the quiescent stretch if they manage to fill the seats.


  • Aharon

    Ah, perfect! Just walked by today and wondered what was going in. Here’s hoping they make a go of it and very happy to have stumbled on this blog.

  • admin

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, Aharon, we truly appreciate it. I’ve finally resolved to dedicate myself to this humble little site after years of dithering. It’a a labor of love – for the neighborhood.

    The crew behind this venture is formidable and Rogers could undergo a real metamorphosis if it prospers.

    I’ve also noticed a slew of new renovations taking place in the long abandoned commercial ground floors along this stretch.

  • Aharon

    Yes, I’ve noticed that too; Rogers may be nearing some sort of critical mass. I hope so! It’s such a chicken-and-egg thing with commercial development. It’s a pity that so many businesses don’t reach their potential (/can’t stay open) because they’re insufficiently capitalized to build a following, don’t publicize themselves adequately in the crucial first few months, or are just plain early in terms of neighborhood tastes. I worry that Desserts by Michael Allen may have fallen victim to some combination of these, and that the not-yet-opened Stop The Presses Cafe (both on Nostrand) may soon be. But I hope not!

    Based on what they did on Franklin, I think the Gladys people know what they’re doing. I hope they’re very successful and that they prosperously coexist with all the extant businesses.

    Another shout out to this blog: it’s great!

  • admin

    Spot on assessment. A lot of local spots have quality product but hamper themselves with erratic business practices. Not a realm where you can improvise on the fly and expect to survive.

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