For reasons that I’m likely too aged to fathom, the press has anointed as the internet’s premier forum for comment, analysis, and anonymous recrimination. Aside from an oddly alluring logo, I don’t quite understand what distinguishes the visually nondescript site from any other online bellowing hall. Anyway.

I suppose it was but a matter of time before our increasingly high profile neighborhood was tossed out onto the dusty Coliseum floor for a ravenous Reddit vetting. Here are some highlights.


“Anywhere east of Flatbush over there is pretty scary at night.”

“For better or worse, it’s a dangerous neighborhood around there now, and will before a little while still.”

“I can also say that I’ve never been harassed over there, so it’s not like I think it’s instant-death to move in. Just that it’s very far from gentrified, and not a worry-free zone by a long shot.”

– EJ Watson of Ditmas Park

“MY gf is on 20 hawthorn, she loves the neighborhood and keeps getting pushed out farther and farther, I feel safe there, no one has ever fucked with me and I am the skinnieset whitest looking hipster mark you have ever seen.”


“Generally speaking though it’s a very friendly neighborhood. Caribbean neighborhoods are (in my experience) some of the few areas of the city where you’ll actually get a “hello” from strangers in the street, or have people hold doors for you.”


“The Q at Parkside and Flatbushed blogs have provided some great information, but my major concern is that this area is going to become a socioeconomic battleground as building owners start to make power moves.”


“I’m a young female, moved into the neighborhood 6 months ago after living in Manhattan for 4 years.

It’s not pretty, and people get shot – /a lot/.

But I’ve never felt personally threatened. Walk home alone from the train station after work and touchwood never had a problem. I avoid wandering outside too late.”


“go at night, it’s shit.”


“I already replied above, but I walked around a ton there at night over 2 years, often very drunk, and never had a problem. For reference I’m 6′ and about 190 pounds, blonde white guy.”


“I’m 2 blocks away. You still have some faint glimmers of ghetto, but that area is the new hottest area in NYC.”


“I live nearby so no need to sell me on the hood. But to call it one of the hottest new places in New York is untruthful to the point of actual, certifiable lunacy.”

-EJ Watson of Ditmas Park


Well there it is. Redditists have spoken and their judgment has been submitted.

PLG is New York’s hottest neighborhood as well as shit.






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