As he’s done for the past half century, Rogers Avenue fixture Charles Clark spent his Sunday afternoon praising his lord and savior Jesus Christ.

He’s convinced that those exertions paid dividends a few hours later.

As he peacefully reclined in his living room amid Obama calendars and velvet wall maps of the Caribbean, a car jumped the curb outside his home, barreled through an iron fence and punctured the brick wall that separates his bedroom from the sidewalk.

“I usually take a nap in there after church,” the shaken retiree told a few hours after the incident. “I just thank God I wasn’t in the room.”

According to witnesses, the bedlam erupted when a car traveling up Maple Street blew through a red light as it approached Rogers Avenue.

A second driver who was proceeding down the whizzing one way stretch yanked on his steering wheel to avoid the car in the intersection and jerked right – directly into Mr. Clarke’s peace of mind.

“This is the fifth time someone has crashed into the house,” he said, bemoaning the Autobahn like atmosphere that reigns a few feet from his nightstand. “I just fixed this fence last year and now this happens.”

With the interior of his home now visible from the street through crumbled brick, startled onlookers watched as the drivers of both cars emerged from their vehicles unharmed.

Once the missile was extracted from Mr. Clark’s bedroom by emergency responders, he took stock of the damage.



The side of his home looked like it had come under mortar attack. Shredded remnants of a fender, shattered  flower pots, and a pile of pulverized brick, coalesced into a grim scene.

What’s worse, Clarke said that he was in the midst of a $7,000 renovation of the front facade of his handsome home. Scaffolding ropes related to the work swayed in front of the wreckage last night.

The elderly man frantically called associates  to see if they could patch up the gaping peephole before nightfall. He finally found someone to do the job.

Clark, who rents the top two floors of the building and lives alone in the bottom level, said he was thankful to have not been in the projectile’s flight path.

“This is too much at my age,” he said as he peered out of the hole in his house. “These people drive like they need to be somewhere. Where are they going driving like that?”

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  • Mr. Rogers

    I live on that block and it was totally insane. I can’t believe that no one got hurt in that mess. Rogers is out of control. If they really wan’t it to flourish they have to control the traffic. Maybe some speed bumps or something? Someone is going to get hurt.

  • PLGeezy

    I saw the aftermath. If someone was walking along in the path of that car they would be dead. There is no question about it. The car must have been going fast because it mowed down a pretty big iron fence and managed to get through a thick brick wall. Driver is lucky.

    Also, velvet Caribbean wall psoters? Nice touch. Where have you been?

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