I’ve never been to the Loire Valley in France. But I’m quite certain that it bears minimal resemblance to our fair swathe.

More Chateau Lafite than Giorgi, more Gauloises than Dutch Masters, more fluttering grape leaves that gusting weave tufts.

But these nuanced distinctions didn’t stop an inspired real estate agent from comparing PLG to this pastoral wonderland ¬†in trying to whip up ¬†dubious Francophilia in order to sell 71 Maple Street for $3 million.

“Reminiscent of a French country home in the Loire Valley of France with its embossed moldings a rarely available mansion in Lefferts Manor!” the ad blurts out.











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  • The Snob

    I’m surprised there isn’t more local lore about these Lefferts mansions (some actually from Lefferts farm property). All I know is that they are latecomers to the area, having been developed long after the Manor blocks. Most are pretty suburban. One, belonging to a pastor I believe? is on a double lot with a huge driveway and giant trees. Whats the backstory on these blocks?

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