PLG old timers can recall when asking prices above $1.3 million sparked pitched comment combat on historic cyber battlefields like Brownstoner Hill.

Screen pundits scoffed at brokers and homeowners who believed that Park Slope’s delinquent foster child could actually command numbers in that bracket.

With inordinate relish, PLG critics lampooned the quadrant as a vice and crime-ridden Fallujah populated by a deluded legion of ragtag boosters.

Ask PLG’s Patton,  Bob Marvin, about those days. Keyboard cocked, the sergeant-at-arms was always there on the frontlines, ready to defend the realm with vigor and class.

But that was way back in the late aughts, when K-Dog served as the  lone source of decent brain petrol and 626 Flatbush was but a subterranean gurgle

Now, with PLG suddenly becoming the toast of the media class that populates it, the passionate gainsay has dissipated completely.

What was once unthinkable – single home sales above $2 million – is now becoming commonplace in certain PLG precincts.

Take 51 Midwood Street, a regal home that sits on one of Lefferts Manor’s most patrician corridors.

When it sold for $1.6 million in 2011, the transaction was deemed so noteworthy that The Observer dedicated bandwidth to it.

Just four years later, this very month, the same property blasted through the $2 million barrier like Earl Campbell.

According to records, the property closed on September 18 for $2.3 million to an Apple executive.

And what was the home worth three sales ago in 1998? A downright rustic $309,000.


  • Crooklyndodger

    Bob Marvin (his intereweb posts) helped sell me on the neighborhood a few years ago when I moved here. I owe him a drink

  • Flatbushed

    Col. Bob singlehandedly routed an entire platoon of online LG haters during those critical years without ever losing his calm OG demeanor. He deserves free drinks in this neighborhood for life.

  • rx

    very true! and awesomely written

  • Bob Marvin

    How on earth did I miss this post. Maybed that’s why I didn’t get ANY of those free drinks :-)

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