One of the benefits of living in Brooklyn is the  likelihood that you live within walking distance of a spectacular  mafia assassination – and PLG is no exception. Former Genovese  crime family boss Tommy “Tommy Ryan” Eboli was gunned down as he left his girlfriend’s house at 388 Lefferts Avenue between Nostrand Avenue and New York Avenue on July 16, 1972. A potent underworld figure at the time, Eboli, 61, was found face down with five bullet holes in his face and neck.  Police found  $2,077 in cash on his person as well as a diamond ring on his



  I’ve never been to the Loire Valley in France. But I’m quite certain that it bears minimal resemblance to our fair swathe. More Chateau Lafite than Giorgi, more Gauloises than Dutch Masters, more fluttering grape leaves that gusting weave tufts. But these nuanced distinctions didn’t stop an inspired real estate agent from comparing PLG to this pastoral wonderland  in trying to whip up  dubious Francophilia in order to sell 71 Maple Street for $3 million. “Reminiscent of a French country home in the Loire Valley of France with its embossed moldings a rarely available mansion in Lefferts Manor!” the