The Oaxaca Taqueria mini-chain has leased space at 406 Rogers Avenue between Sterling Street and Lefferts Avenue and hopes to start slicing the carne around June, owner David Schneider told Flatbushed.com.

After considering a squalid cavern on Flatbush Avenue next to Midwood Flats, Schneider said the corner Rogers location ultimately made the most sense for his march into PLG.

The 1,400 sq. ft. ground floor commercial space – formerly host to the House of Hills funeral home – is being totally renovated and will feature large glass frontage, Schneider said.

“We like to come into areas that are underserved. People actually appreciate you being there.”

The taco tactician cited his Bed-Stuy location on Bedford Avenue and Quincy Street by way of example. “People thought I was crazy for opening up there at the time,” he said. “There wasn’t a lot going on. But now that’s our highest grossing location.”

Oaxaca currently has four other Brooklyn locations in Williamsburg, Boerum Hill, Park Slope and the Navy Yard section. Those are in addition to four spots in Manhattan. You can look those up independently.

As an aside, plaudits are due to the small independent developer who purchased the building last year and embarked on an unusually conscientious restoration.

Instead of banging nails haphazardly, he took the time to research the three story structure’s history and will fashion the bottom floor to resemble a bygone incarnation – the Old Timer Bar and Grill.

When Duke Snider was still roping hanging curves a few blocks away at Ebbets Field, the tavern served as a popular pre and post game tipple joint. I couldn’t confirm an opening year and the last mention I could find of the booze den was 1943. The first reference to the funeral home came in 1951 so the bar slid its last Rheingold sometime before that.

The bar is identified as a partisan Dodger redoubt in this April 21, 1943 edition of  The Brooklyn Eagle.


Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.19.56 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.20.34 PM


And here, dear readers, is a classic shot of the dive in question.




So pour out some Tapatio for the ghosts of the old saloon once Oaxaca opens its doors and let’s wish everyone involved with the new project the best.


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    An amazing post. Seriously. Old to the new. Thanks.

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    Great post and exciting news. I had heard it was going to be a bike shop, happy to have been misinformed. First time at your site- bookmarking it now.

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    Mike we’re in the process of setting all of that up now, only the Twitter account is active at this stage. I’m a technological cretin. We’re going to be up on all platforms as soon as my petulant niece calls me back and helps out a little bit. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment folks, the support serves as emotional petrol for us.

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    I love local history and appreciate your posts.

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