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A Great Neck based developer (most PLG related property posts begin with that phrase) has purchased a pair of Clarkson Avenue single-family homes at Nostrand Ave. and plans to level them to make way for  a luxury 30-unit rental building, records show.

You can absorb the Grand Theft Auto style rendering – slated to become a 2017 reality – in the title picture.

Joseph Roubeni, principal at Astral Weeks development, purchased the two haggard properties at 191 and 195 Clarkson for a combined $2,425,000 last month and will soon erect a new structure that will feature a gym, balconies, and a roof deck.

Here is the status quo.

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Here is the future.

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The following pic really makes me want to fire up the PlayStation. Years spent playing Grand Theft Auto have wired my brain to assume that homeboy in the red shirt is about to assassinate someone in the gym with Pilates ropes before stealthily exiting and hopping on the Nostrand Ave. 2 train to safety.


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  • Anonymous

    I don’t think all the developers are based in Great Neck. I think the lawyers that do the LLC’s that hide these developers are based in Great Neck

  • Anonymous

    All these new condo buildings would be so much better without the cheesy, tiny balconies. The balconies make the buildings a lot more intrusively sore thumbs, visually. Really hate it as an element. And I don’t hate modern architecture or am against all development, either, in saying that. Developers want to be able to advertise “outdoor space” but without providing any that’s actually usable.

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