One of the benefits of living in Brooklyn is the  likelihood that you live within walking distance of a spectacular  mafia assassination – and PLG is no exception.

Former Genovese  crime family boss Tommy “Tommy Ryan” Eboli was gunned down as he left his girlfriend’s house at 388 Lefferts Avenue between Nostrand Avenue and New York Avenue on July 16, 1972.

A potent underworld figure at the time, Eboli, 61, was found face down with five bullet holes in his face and neck.  Police found  $2,077 in cash on his person as well as a diamond ring on his finger and a crucifix around his neck.

Gunmen pounced on Eboli, a former boxing manager and bootlegger for Lucky Luciano, as he emerged into the street to his Cadillac around 1 a.m. No arrests were ever made.

This  pic of the crime scene bubbles with poignant detail – from the Eazy-E quality Chevy Impala and the old school Datsun parked next to the crime scene to the Esther Rolle outfits on the women.

Here is how Emanuel Perlmutter described the area at the time for the New York Times:

“The working class neighborhood where Eboli was found is ethnically mixed – with many Italians, Negroes and Puerto Ricans living in old, small private dwellings. There are also a good number of Jews, too, in some apartment buildings of 20-year vintage.”

The rubout came in the midst of a brutal round of mob combat where 15 mafiosi got whacked within the prior 12 months.

I highly recommend taking a stroll past the scene when you get a chance. Take the kids. Envision the chaos that once took place at that very spot some 40 years ago. The atmosphere at the farmer’s market can’t compete.



  • babs

    This was a big Mafia neighborhood at one point. Lincoln Rd. between Rogers and Nostrand was apparently particularly notorious. One of my neighbors on Lefferts told me she wouldn’t let her kids play on that block, and I also heard a story about a body found in pieces in a filing cabinet in a building over there.

  • admin

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Babs. I sincerely appreciate it. I’m going to do some more digging on the PLG mob front and I’ll look into that stretch of Lincoln. These old stories fascinate me endlessly.

  • Indoorsman

    Great piece. Fascinating.

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