AlexHarsley_AIR_01 was under the impression that car break-ins had gone the way of beepers and Cross Colours overalls. Classical vehicular thievery was usually the purview of the cagey and industrious crackhead who at best scuttled off  with a Blaupunkt stereo and maybe a 2 Live Crew CD as a bonus. But with limited demand for rock cocaine and extractable car stereos now obsolete, Flatbushed had considered the crime a bygone scourge. Not so fast. According to the website SpotAngels, Prospect Lefferts Gardens had the highest rate of car break-ins in all of Brooklyn last year – more than two times the borough average. While East New York logged the most overall


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Neighbors of former Brooklyn District Attorney William Geoghan knew something was amiss the night of September 30, 1945 when the second-floor lights in his 1842 Bedford Avenue home flickered on. The retired lawman and his family were out of town at the time and they knew of no proxies who would have had access to the residence at the corner of Maple Street. Lefferts Manor denizens were already on high alert when home after home had been picked clean of valuables over the preceding month. These were bold heists. The intruder had even raided three residences in a row on Rutland Road between Flatbush and Bedford – numbers 94, 96, and



His campaign trail extends from Clarkson Avenue to Empire Boulevard. His motorcade consists of a single vehicle – a 1964 Chevy Nova straight 6 engine with painted flames that leap from the hood. His spokesman – currently on leave at a canine anger management camp – is an ornery bull mastiff named Bush. After a long run as an independent, he has been aligned with the extremist Bloods Party since the late nineties. For a particular Flatbush demographic, “Monsta” Rose serves as street mayor – lauded by constituents, feared by combatants, and respected by both. He is the hardened sage, the raconteur,



  One of the benefits of living in Brooklyn is the  likelihood that you live within walking distance of a spectacular  mafia assassination – and PLG is no exception. Former Genovese  crime family boss Tommy “Tommy Ryan” Eboli was gunned down as he left his girlfriend’s house at 388 Lefferts Avenue between Nostrand Avenue and New York Avenue on July 16, 1972. A potent underworld figure at the time, Eboli, 61, was found face down with five bullet holes in his face and neck.  Police found  $2,077 in cash on his person as well as a diamond ring on his