marilyn monroe ebbets field3 (1)

Soon to be forsaken by her first and only real love, Ebbets Field had descended into a state of terminal melancholy by 1957. The grieving colossus at the corner of Bedford and Sullivan Avenues now loomed over Flatbush like a gravestone. While never known for its innovations and luxuries, the old stadium had once radiated unity, loyalty and warmth. But now, with the Dodgers having signaled their departure out west, Ebbets stood in a state of naked abandonment, teetering atop the ruins of entombed joy.   Immobile and hulking amidst the humiliation, there was nowhere for her to hide. If she could have vanished forever along an infinite Prospect Park curve or slipped unnoticed


corner cats

Three men in front of the long defunct Erasmus Pharmacy at the corner of Bedford and Church Avenues in 1978. Here’s an ad for the business from 1930…     That corner, today.