PLG old timers can recall when asking prices above $1.3 million sparked pitched comment combat on historic cyber battlefields like Brownstoner Hill. Screen pundits scoffed at brokers and homeowners who believed that Park Slope’s delinquent foster child could actually command numbers in that bracket. With inordinate relish, PLG critics lampooned the quadrant as a vice and crime-ridden Fallujah populated by a deluded legion of ragtag boosters. Ask PLG’s Patton,  Bob Marvin, about those days. Keyboard cocked, the sergeant-at-arms was always there on the frontlines, ready to defend the realm with vigor and class. But that was way back in the late aughts, when K-Dog served as the  lone source of decent brain petrol and 626


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A Great Neck based developer (most PLG related property posts begin with that phrase) has purchased a pair of Clarkson Avenue single-family homes at Nostrand Ave. and plans to level them to make way for  a luxury 30-unit rental building, records show. You can absorb the Grand Theft Auto style rendering – slated to become a 2017 reality – in the title picture. Joseph Roubeni, principal at Astral Weeks development, purchased the two haggard properties at 191 and 195 Clarkson for a combined $2,425,000 last month and will soon erect a new structure that will feature a gym, balconies, and a roof deck.


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It would be difficult to conceive of two more comically disparate locales than Long Island’s Sagaponack and Brooklyn’s Flatbush. The former is based on the divine conceit that residential perfection can be a reality – as long as it’s sufficiently funded. Bejeweled with oceanfront mansions and backyards that rival Nethermead, the Hamptons enclave usually qualifies as one of the most expensive zip codes in the nation. Flatbush, on the other hand, is a historically working class bastion that occasionally appears on lists of a less salubrious nature – some of them produced at 1 Police Plaza. It’s not perfection that’s sought here – it’s mitigation of



  I’ve never been to the Loire Valley in France. But I’m quite certain that it bears minimal resemblance to our fair swathe. More Chateau Lafite than Giorgi, more Gauloises than Dutch Masters, more fluttering grape leaves that gusting weave tufts. But these nuanced distinctions didn’t stop an inspired real estate agent from comparing PLG to this pastoral wonderland  in trying to whip up  dubious Francophilia in order to sell 71 Maple Street for $3 million. “Reminiscent of a French country home in the Loire Valley of France with its embossed moldings a rarely available mansion in Lefferts Manor!” the