A Great Neck developer who was sued for deploying a fake FBI agent to intimidate an elderly Flatbush man into signing over his home has flipped a house at 259 Maple Street between Bedford and Rogers, Flatbushed has learned.

Park Slope Associates picked up the PLG property for $500,000 in 2013 and sold it off last month for $1.4 million after a renovation, according to records.

Roughly two weeks before that sale closed, The New York Post reported that a 66-year-old Flatbush man sued the same company for scheming to divest him of his property at 2319 Bedford Ave. between Albemarle and Tilden.

According to the suit, Park Slope Associates sent a man posing as an FBI agent to Daniel Augustin’s home to berate him for falling behind on his mortgage and threaten to arrest him if he didn’t sign over his deed.

The Creole speaker, the Post reported, barely comprehended English.

“Augustin was afraid and in an effort to avoid being arrested in front of his wife and family, he signed the papers,” the suit states.

“Upon signing the documents, plaintiff was assured by his visitors that he was no longer under the fear of arrest. Plaintiff was further warned that unless he kept the event of that night secret, he could run the risk of getting further visits from the FBI,” the Post reported.




  • Gabby

    Wow. Creepy to think that these people are walking our streets here and profiting handsomely. Who knows what else they are up to that doesn’t get out. That Maple house was featured on Curbed at one point too. All the way from Great Neck, huh? Would have never guessed.

  • Bob Marvin

    Is the “Great Neck developer” associated with the ex-cons who claim to own the site of the Maple Street Community Garden?

  • admin

    Different outfit Bob. Park Slope Associates appears to be a vast but tangled enterprise with more than a dozen corporate names that all come back to a Great Neck address.

  • Tom

    Funnily enough, the building inspector who did the house we have just bought on Midwood St told us he had inspected this house above and he wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole (I’m British, do you have that phrase over here?) as it had leaking gas and multitude of problems, and had been v shabbily renovated. Read a review from someone else who bought a renovated house from PSA who said he had bought a complete turkey too. Clearly, then, a credit to the real estate profession. BTW excellent blog and well done spotting this story! Keep up the good work.

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