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Yet another sousing station is set to fling open its doors in the increasingly tavern-laden land of Lefferts.

A operative heard the whizz of chainsaws inside a  rather unassuming storefront at 703 Flatbush between Parkside and Winthrop last week and dipped her head inside.

With Sinaloan standards blaring in the background, a group of men were in the process of fashioning what appeared to be a good old fashioned saloon.

Here is the pictorial evidence…



It’s important to note that this is the first bar slated for what is generally considered the more obstreperous portion of PLG’s stretch of Flatbush. Occupants who have long bemoaned the dearth of fresh destinations on that side of the homestead area have reason to rejoice.

Apologies for the shady photojournalism accompanying this post.

Also, a cascade of fresh neighborhood character portraits are en route. Stay tuned…



    Yay! Glad to have something on this end. It will be interesting to see how they mesh. Any word on owners/theme?

  • Ell

    Sure they’re not as “concept” as the other new bars in the neighborhood and can just embrace some good old fashioned fries

  • rv

    are you sure this isn’t at 705 or another storefront? i walked by 703 the other day and it had a garish sign for a pediatrics office with a character that’s a potential copyright infringement on Bee Movie

  • admin

    I might have the wrong address but the bar in question is immediately next door to the Bee Movie enterprise you allude to…

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