• Bob Marvin

    I loved that movie when it was new, BUT I moved to Park Slope in 1970 [4 years before buying my house in PLG] and it was NOTHING like what’s shown in “the Landlord.” The part of the Slope I lived in was largely populated by rather racist and anti-semetic white people. FWIW lefferts Manor, when I moved here in ’74, was MUCH safer and quieter than the Slope.

  • admin

    As an humble blogging rookie I can’t tell you what an honor it was to see that Flatbushed’s inaugural comment came from none other than Bob “The Most Interesting Man in Lefferts Gardens” Marvin. Your old-school legitimacy is beyond the stuff of local legend.

    It’s not easy to follow through on a fanciful venture of this sort while trying to blast through the tackling sled that is daily life. I nearly jettisoned the whole silly project in favor of resignation and idleness. But when I saw your name quietly pop up in the otherwise empty comment waiting room I knew I had to press forth. So here we are. Thank you, sir. Your contribution meant much more than you know. And I hope to hear from your again. – FB

  • Bob Marvin

    Aw shucks! Thank YOU.

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